Rose Couture

Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Construction of a Teaching Philosophy 2013

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Teaching and learning are two things that will follow you in every aspect of your life. Whether you are 5 or 50, as an individual, you teach and you learn everyday.

I believe it is important for students to learn from their own experiences. I value teamwork because I believe that my students retain the information they have acquired more than if I would be giving them a long and plain lecture. By encouraging teamwork, I allow my students to develop their social skills and I allow them to be free-minded spirits. They learn and construct their own representation of the world, while teaching their peers or retaining new information from them. I think that by having my students collaborate in group projects such as the water cycles, Canadian heritage, problem solving, etc., they have the chance to play the role of both student and teacher. Social constructivism promotes both construction of the student and their social interactions.

As a teacher, I have the power to influence the knowledge and the life experiences of countless students, and this opportunity should be very enjoyable. I believe it is very important to offer the child as many resources as he/she will need to construct his own view of the environment in which he lives. In a school setting with many intelligent and loving educators, books, craft materials and such, the child has many resources, but his greatest one will be his peers. I view teaching as the element that is the most important in a child’s growth. The child needs a teacher that will stimulate and challenge him. I want to challenge my students and stimulate them in order to make them learn and retain information. I want them to embrace the world I present to them and the world they construct from the elements and people surrounding them. I want to be able to share my passion with my students and support them through their journey in education. As an elementary level teacher, I think it is very important to grasp my students’ attention and have them enjoy the learning process and the experiences shared with their classmates. Teaching is the key element to the development of a well-structured child.

When I have the opportunity to teach at an elementary level, I will be touching various subjects within one group of students. I am very fond of peer assisted learning strategies where students work in groups in which they teach and learn from one another. I believe that forming groups that contain higher-level readers and lower-level readers is beneficial for both parties. Students will have a text that they need to read out loud in groups by each taking a turn. They will then analyze a specific paragraph in the text and give their opinion and their understanding of it. By doing this, I allow my higher reading level students to find understandings that are different from the lower level ones and they can share their own opinion, hence teaching one another different perspectives. After the exercise is over, the students can then share their discoveries with the whole class, making this an enriched experience.


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