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TEDEd and SchoolOGY

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For this week’s blogging assignment, we were asked to explore a new web tool, app or website that can contribute to teaching and/or learning. As the big computer wiz I am (not), I just entered the words “education tools” in the search bar on Google and came upon this Edudemic post about the “50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About”. Many of the tools on the list were explored in our ECMP355 class, but one of them caught my eye, SchoolOGY. After watching the little video, I was amazed. It reminded me a little about Edmodo that we saw during last class, but with SchoolOGY, even parents can log in to see their children’s marks. It looks very much like Facebook, the only thing I am not certain about is the possibility of the students to message their teachers. I would be more likely to post on the main wall so that everyone can see what is happening. I like the option that lets the students take full tests online, which allows for a mark right away (almost)! I was not able to get in contact with people on Twitter to see what they thought of the application, but if some of you are curious about it and want to try it out, let me know what you think!

One of my favorite so far is TEDEd. On this platform, teachers can share lessons of any kind with other teachers or preservice teachers. I personally find it to be very interesting. Once you watched the lesson, you have the option to click on the “Think” option beside the video. In this section, you can answer 3 multiple choice answers, to see if you were listening during the lesson, along with short response questions which allows you to think critically. The “Dig Deeper” option gives you more resources and content concerning the lesson if you want to know more. Finally, the “Discussion” button allows you to see and participate in all the conversations that are related to the lesson. Here is one of the lessons I watched and enjoyed. If you are a LOTR, Avatar, Game of Thrones or Star Trek fan, I suggest you watch it! 🙂


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