Rose Couture

Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Learning Project!

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Here we go.

This is me, telling you what I’ve chosen to do for my learning project, why I chose this particular subject and how I will be documenting it. In the course of my ECMP355 class, we are assigned to pick a certain skill, language or an instrument that is meaningful to us and to document our learning and findings through our blog. What I have chosen to do for this project is to learn italian.

Why italian? Because I believe it is a beautiful language, it sounds like music to my ears. I would qualify Italian as the language of love even though I know that some might say that French is the language of love. In addition, my dream is to one day visit Italy. I have seen pictures and let me tell you, this country is breathtaking! But then again, we all like different things and just the thought of all the delicious foods they make in this place makes me drool. I also have many friends who are from Italian families back where I am from and I have met a few people in my classes at the university that are also Italian. Because of my school history, I have also had a taste of learning the language. It is challenging in some ways to learn this new speech as I have experienced many challenges with it at college level, but it is also very close to French, which can be an advantage because my first language is French.

I plan on documenting my learning through videos and posts on my blog. I will do so using the Duolingo app/website I found while I was browsing the fabulous Google Apps. At first, I was going to have my roommate teach me how to work with Fraps, but since I have a Mac computer (they don’t do Fraps) I chose to find something that would work on my device. So I went and entered in the Google bar, Fraps for Mac and clicked on the second YouTube video I saw. resource

This young boy told me I did not need Fraps. I did not even need to download any new application! I could use an App that was already installed on my computer and with which I could record videos, audio, or screen videos with audio. Its name? QuickTime! I already have a Duolingo account so I will not need to create one and I have already begun to learn a while ago (a couple lessons), before I even knew what I would do for the project. I will try my best to put up a post every week that will document what I retained from the whole week’s lessons. Let me know what you think and leave me some feedback to let me know how I am doing and if you have any new suggestions! 🙂


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