Rose Couture

Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Teachers are nerds

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Today I read Mr Ken Moore’s post about teachers being intellectual individuals. It inspired me because I found a few things that are related to what I am currently learning in my ECS210 class. My favorite quote in his text is the one took from Edward Said in his book Representations of the intellectual published in 1996.

 “… the intellectual is an individual endowed with a faculty for representing, embodying, articulating a message, a view, an attitude, philosophy or opinion to, as well as for, a public.” The intellectual, in Said’s view, represents a “critical sense” – a willingness to question and challenge the conventional and the accepted; to seek the reality beneath the apparent. The intellectual believes that “to be a thinking and concerned member of society one is entitled to raise moral issues…” “on the basis of universal principles: that all human beings are entitled to expect decent standards of behaviour concerning freedom and justice…”

So are teachers really nerds? Well I would assume that nerds are very intelligent people that we often call intellectuals, but this is an assumption. Being a preservice teacher, I know for a fact that nobody should make assumptions. The Oxford Dictionary defines nerd as follows:



  • a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious:I was a serious nerd until I discovered girls and cars
  •  a single-minded expert in a particular technical field:

Nerd is an informal term, it is a word used by most people to say that a certain person is socially awkward and spending his days studying, reading books or playing video games along with being very good with technology. In certain ways, yes teachers are nerds, but only when it comes to their social awkwardness. And by this I mean that they are not exactly following the ways of society or what others believe to be common sense. Teachers are intelligent beings that are aiming towards social and racial justice. Teachers want to find ways to engage their students in thinking critically about the many issues around the world and coming up with their own solutions and ideas. I think that being a teacher must be one of the greatest jobs in the world. As an educator, you have the power to make a difference, you have to power to have individuals start to think for themselves, to not only judge by what they are taught from the elements surrounding them. Preservice and service teachers are intellectuals and we like it. It gives me the impression that I am important, that I can start making a difference in this world filled with social and racial injustice. What are your thoughts? Are teachers nerds by the Oxford definition or are they partly nerds and intellectuals? How does it make you feel as a preservice or service teacher to have chosen this career?


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