Rose Couture

Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Curriculum as (Online) Community!

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First of all, I would love to say that this is a subject that I find very interesting as I am currently learning about many technological tools that I can use in a classroom in the course of my ECMP355 class. The learning process is currently shifting. As preservice educators, we are currently learning how to engage in social justice and anti-oppressive education in the classroom. In addition, having future students developing their critical thinking and creativity is another goal some of us want to achieve. Technology is a magnificent tool that is presented to us on a silver platter. (Note: As much as I am “for” technology, I believe physical activity is more important, finding a good balance is suggested.) This tool allows us to connect with people who can then share information or knowledge with us. From this new knowledge that is acquired, we are able to build upon this meaning or to create a new one, allowing us to grow. Both teacher/learner and student/learner  benefit from technology. By connecting and sharing, we are exploring the many possibilities that are underneath the surface waiting to be discovered. Inspiration is key to motivation.

Learning with technology is something we can do anywhere. Literally. Nowadays, most of the population is able to access online resources and media through a portable device, at home or school, allowing us to learn on-the-go (anywhere we might be) and letting us choose what we want to be learning as well. Some individuals might be worried about how the online community and technology can be harmful or “too much” for kids to be able to handle on their own. The online world is accessible nearly everywhere, including away from parental or guardian supervision, another factor that can influence individuals’ openness to kids learning and having access to technology. As educators, we have the responsibility and opportunity to explain the “netiquette” (this link is from an education website and could be a good start to make up your own “netiquette” in the classroom) to the students in our schools. By offering them valuable resources to aid them in the online world, students will then be conscious of the “right” decisions to make online and to whom they can turn for additional support.

Overall, I think technology is a great tool for both teacher and student learner, in moderate ammounts, while following a good “netiquette”. It is available for everyone to access and to empower you into making a difference. What are you waiting for?




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