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Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

Watching the World Tweet

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Check out this very interesting post. Watch the world tweet!

doug --- off the record

There are some things that I can just sit there and watch for hours on end.  One such thing is Ministry of Transportation cameras.  When you realize that every car caught on camera has a story about why they’re there, what they’re doing, how quickly they’re moving, etc., it is just fascinating.

As I write this blog post, I’m taking a peek at the construction zone on the 401 near Highway 3.  There’s always something to see if you look up and down the construction of the Herb Gray Parkway.  So much traffic, and yet, to each person, what they’re doing is so important.

Tweetping lets you do the same thing with Twitter.

You can absolutely sit back and watch the world tweet.

The statistics are shown real time and updates in front of your eyes.  Watch the number of message just stream by according to continent.  Once you…

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