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Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

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Clipping, Saving, Reading and Sharing with Evernote

I was introduced to Evernote for the first time in my ECMP355 class and I could tell that my teacher really enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a try. Indeed, Evernote is awesome! With this program, you can clip web pages, pictures, articles or just text that you want from a page, and organize it in different notebooks. Clip now, read and organize later. I find it is a great tool when I am doing research for a paper, as I can do all my research first and find information, then go through the information I gathered and select the ones I really want to use for my project at the time. I have also downloaded the Evernote Web Clipper for Google Chrome, which allows me to clip on the little elephant icon and pops up the clipping menu.
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 14.32.08Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 14.41.54

With the Web Clipper I can save an article, a simplified article, the full web page, bookmark a web page or a screenshot of the page. There are tools that also allow me to “doodle” or highlight directly on the document I am clipping, so that when I am reading over it again in Evernote, I can easily find what I was previously looking at.
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 14.48.42
I can crop, zoom in, zoom out, tag, anything I could not really do with a simple paper notebook. The Web Clipper also gives you the option to share whatever you are clipping on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email, as it provides you with a URL you can simply copy and paste. When you open your “note” in the program, the information tab gives you the date the note was created/retrieved, the URL, the size, as well as the location (if you have the app turned on). You can therefore clip now and read later, which is very useful for individuals who love to multitask, people who are organized/disorganized, it really is good for everyone to use.
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 14.40.40

I highly recommend it for all types of learners as it is a free program and browser “widget” and you can also download the free app on your smart phone. The information from your account will sync with all your devices (laptop, web clipper, smart phone) which allows you to gather information on the go and to always have the data you need at the tip of your finger, literally. On the smart phone app, you can add reminders and sync information with your calendar. I imagine you can do the same with the computer program, but I have yet to try it. Evernote also gives you the freedom to snap pictures or take audio notes and save them on the program as well, although I have not tried it yet, it might be something I would consider using for outdoor or home projects that require more “hands on” than written information (this could be useful for those who are doing artsy learning projects #ecmp355). Overall, I believe Evernote is a great platform to keep organized and have everything you might need all in the same place! 🙂



Experimenting with Piktochart

Today in class, we had the opportunity to experiment with an application that allows you to present information, graphics and data in an interesting way. In order to do that, we used Piktochart, a free online platform that offers you different themes you can play around with, many icons, images and backgrounds that will help you making a visually appealing presentation. You can sign up for free or sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account. I chose to use a template that was already made and I changed the colours to colours I liked, switched some icons (the console, pc and smartphone ones) and I entered my own data in the chart (yes, you can put whatever you like in there). As I am part of the “female gamer population”, I chose to compare the percentage of women and men who played video games and threw in some facts. I was very surprised that the female gaming population is so high and that many women who play video games are over the age of 18. Please try out this new and fun way to present your data in the classroom, as you can personalize it as much as you like with the free version! Rose Gamers


Should “kids” really

After reading a couple articles about the frightening facts of and teens committing suicide because of, I am wondering if this platform is really worth using. is an anonymous platform, where people can ask each other questions about themselves and respond to the questions, without ever revealing who is who. Although this platform is intended for people to interact in a “common sense” way, many teens seen this phenomena as another social tool that permits them to bully others anonymously.

I was blown away when I found out that some teens used it to bully themselves. Wait, what? Yes, teens will log in anonymously and bully themselves, and then respond to this bullying with their own account. I can see this platform being a problem for all types of individuals, and I am very surprised that people will harm their very own person, but this is nothing new. is only available for people above the age of 13 (as well as Twitter and Facebook), but I am certain it is a program that is easy to access, and someone has to show the proper online behaviour to these kids that navigate the internet and use social medias. Wether it is a teacher, a parent, a guardian, whoever is present around a child that uses social media, has the opportunity and responsibility to raise awareness about the online community.

“If you would not show this to your grandma or your family, do not post it”, it is not because we are behind screens that we are invisible. Wether the words are spoken or typed, they have an impact, and they can be harmful. If a teen is being bullied on social media, mental support should be available to help them out, and there is always the option of deleting an account. But remember, everything you post online leaves a digital print, it never really disappears. So think twice, no think three times before you post something. It could be harmful and you could regret it in the future.

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My Shoes, Age 5

After this Thursday’s ECMP355 class, I could not wait to start creating my presentation for this week’s assignment! I was inspired by Dean Shareski’s own presentation of “A Childhood Walk”. As most of the roads and trails I took walks on as a child are grid roads, and in the boonies, I could not access these special places on Google Maps, so I decided to put my own twist to the childhood walk. I would take you on an overview of a day with me at the age of 5. From the region I am from, to the school I attended, I take you in my younger self’s shoes.

As I was planning the making of this video, I use the Search for Creative Commons’ link we were given in class, and I was able to download a few songs that I could play in the background, as I was recording my screen and my own voice. Links for these songs are in the video’s description, and righthere. I hope you enjoy and show me your own versions of the “childhood walk”!

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Creative Commons

After watching the documentary RIP: A Remix Manifesto, we were introduced in class to the Creative Commons.

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that allows users to put a Creative Commons license on their work, which allows others to use their work. Depending on the conditions, other users can use somebody else’s work for creativity, inspiration, or just as a base to build their own thoughts or knowledge. This service is offered for free and you get to choose which licenses to apply to your work. I personally think that the Creative Commons is a great way for artists to be able to work with material they are inspired by, and to use in making another piece that is as original. In all the licenses, there is credit given to the “original creator” where you might have taken your idea from. Some people argue that this “some rights reserved” compared to the copyright’s “all rights reserved” is just the ‘base’ of classical copyright. I think it is important to give the original thinker credit for his work, but it is also great that the individual allows others to create from his creation. Yes, there are certain restrictions that the original individual will include, but this type of copyright is not as extreme as the one big corporations use and people will not get sued by individuals, as they have permission to be creative and original with existing works. What are your thoughts on the Creative Commons? Do you think it’ll slowly evolve into an “all rights reserved” organization? Why and why not?

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RiP: A remix manifesto

Today, I watched a very interesting documentary about downloading music/movies online, copyright and remixing. Although I had some mixed feelings at the beginning of the documentary, I definitely had a clear opinion in the end. In my opinion, I have always thought that music downloading was bad and that if you would get caught, it was the artist that would be suing you, but it is not. Big companies will be the ones taking action if they realize someone is trying to steal their song or character, by copying or modifying it. For example, if I choose a song and decide to change the pitch in it and mash it up with another sample that I slowed down and a bass drum, so basically creating something totally new that has never been done before, I am doing so illegally. That is ridiculous. As they point out in the documentary, humans have always looked back on the past and used items from the past, to upgrade or modify, in a way to create something new. It has always been that way, that is how we evolve, how our minds get more creative. But those big companies are trying to take all the credit for it and limit our creativity, our ways of expression. In addition to that, we they sue you, the money they get goes to the big company, not the artist, and let me tell you, it is a lot of money!

From a preservice teacher perspective, I have found certain links with what I am currently learning in my education classes. We aim for social justice and we try to achieve that through collaboration and sharing of ideas with colleagues or other teachers around the globe. By sharing, we can therefore think outside of the box and add to the original idea someone might of given us. How is this any different from creating new forms of art? Or science? We have the freedom to speech and expression and these big companies and government will try to take it from us. For these reasons, I do not look at music downloading the same way anymore. If I really love the artist and have been following them for a long time, yes I will actually buy their album, but if it’s only one song, I am sure the artist would not be bothered by the fact I downloaded their song and then decided to modify it to create something new and funky! This might sound a little confusing, but in my opinion, it really depends on the situation. I believe that the majority of artist out there would be proud to hear they have been part of your new invention or that they might have been a source of inspiration to you. download

What will I chose to tell my students about the matter? I will definitely show them this video, if it is age appropriate, and let them make a decision for themselves. If any of them have questions about the film, I will gladly help them out as much as I can by doing research on the subject. This movie would also be a great start for a group discussion about social justice, media and technology. What are your thoughts on music downloading, remixing and copyright? Do you download a lot of music and do you feel bad about it? Why is that?

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Storytelling with Five Card Story

Five Card Story: Day with the Triplets

a Five Card Flickr story created by Rose Couture

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by tuchodi

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

It was a beautiful Sunday morning for the triplets Jack, John and Jorge.

“It’s nice out” said Jack.

“Yes! Let’s go on an adventure!!” said John.

Leaving all their dishes on the table, along with the new kitten in a cup, where it could not escape, the triplets ran out the door to go on their wonderful adventure. The sun was shining and it gave the woods this mysterious look, as if it was magical. As they walked through the woods and explored the little creek, something in the air changed.

“Did you guys feel that?” said Jorge.

“Nope?’ responded John and Jack.

“It seems to me that the sun just disappeared and look guys! The leaves are changing colors very fast!” said Jorge.

They all turned around to see the leaves on the trees slowly changing from green to red, yellow and orange.

“This is crazy guys, the leaves were just so green when we got here two hours ago!” said Jack.

“Maybe this forest is actually magical, lets get out of here” said John.

As they were making their way out of this mysterious forest, the sun was now covered by thick gray clouds and the leaves started falling off the trees.

“Guys, I’m really scared now, can we just get back home already? This is not normal, the leaves should not be falling off the trees” said John.

So the triplets started running out of the woods to get home to safety. Once they got home, they all sat on the couch together where Jorge read his brothers the story of the Northern Voice. The boys laughter filled the house and made the gloomy day a little warmer.