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Learning Italian Week 2

As this past week has been pretty crazy, and so as will be the upcoming week, I only completed two units from the Italian learning on Duolingo, but I practiced all the units for an hour and a half.In the past week’s units, I learned how to identify new types of food, how to conjugate my verbs (again), how to form proper sentences, how to use the right negative form, new verbs, and the plural of words I had previously used. Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 16.15.36Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 16.15.43

I learned that the sentence “I drink chocolate cream”, is “Io bevo la crema al cioccolato” in Italian, and that “Gli cavalli mangiano le carote”, translates to “The horses eat the carrots”. I have learned 37 new words with the “Food” unit, including kitchenware like cups, plates and forks, verbs like to cook and to boil, some vegetable and fruits, and so much more!!Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 16.25.21

25 new words were taught to me throughout the “Plural” unit. In this unit I found out that the noun butterfly is farfalla in Italian, and its plural form is farfalle, just like the butterfly noodles inyour kitchen cupboard. Yes, in your kitchen! I was also introduced to the contraction ai for a+il. Here is a snapshot of some of the words from the “Plural” unit, and as you can see, I practiced ALL my units for a while today until ALL the words from ALL the units had full “gold” bars, which means they are all “strong”. I accomplished that by clicking the blue buttons that say “Practice Weakest Words” or the “Lesson Practice” from the home page menu.

I am still loving Duolingo, and I would love to hear if someone else out there is also using Duolingo and I want to know what they like or do not like about the app! Have a great week!  Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 16.30.44