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Aspiring teacher. “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward

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New Italian Ressource

While browsing the web for Italian podcasts and radio stations, I fell upon News in Slow Italian. I found this website to be a little more helpful than Duolingo in some ways, because you are able to listen to the news in Italian, and it is done slowly so that you can read and follow at the same time. I tried watching a movie in Italian thinking I was ready to attempt such thing, but they talk way too fast for me to understand anything. A lot of content on this website is free for beginners and you can subscribe for a fee when you get to the intermediate level or if you want to have access to the flashcards, grammar, expressions and the quizzes. All the News Stories are free to listen to and there is text that accompanies the voice. You can scroll over the red parts in the text if you do not understand what they are saying and it will give you the English translation, which is fantastic. I am not certain of how many news stories you can listen to until you need to subscribe, but I am definitely going to give it a try and attempt to get the most out of it. I enjoy learning with Duolingo, but I want to listen to actual conversations, as I believe I will learn and understand better that way, so this is a great discovery I have made. What about you, do you learn better with visuals or speech or a combination of both? Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 13.03.45


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Learning Some More Italian!

Here is another short video to show you all my progress in my #learningproject that consists of grasping/understanding the Italian language. So far so good, I try to find at least 3 hours a week to put into this project and even if the semester ends and the assignment is over, I will keep on going with my learning. It is not going to be over! I will also keep posting my progress on my blog as well as with YouTube videos!

I had the suggestion of listening to Italian radio to practice my listening skills and I was wondering if some of you out there might have suggestions for interesting Italian podcasts and/or radio stations, it would be greatly appreciated! Hope you have an awesome weekend, and enjoy the Grey Cup!



Ciao! Hello! Yes, I am still in the process of learning the wonderful Italian language. With two crazy weeks of midterms, research papers and essays that just went by, I can now take time to breath. Good, that was exhausting. As I was very busy with school work, I did not spend time learning new material with my online Italian class. Rather, I chose to practice the vocabulary I already had learned, in order for it to stick in my brain. Learning should be a fun experience and I do not want to crowd my brain with as much Italian information as it can retain. Having that said, I can assure you that I am now very comfortable with the Italian words I know. I cannot quite yet formulate long sentence on my own, but I can say simple stuff like: “The cows are eating meat”/”Le mucche mangiano carne” , “I am vegetarian”/“Io sono vegetariano”(yes, I actually am!), “The cats are drinking milk”/“Le gatte bevono latte” , “The men are eating diner”/“Gli uomini mangiano la cena” , and “The cook is cooking a lemon cake”/“Il cuoco cucina un torta al limone”. I am halfway to level 7 Italian and currently know 145 words in the language.

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 17.00.07
As every “good” learner should not be comfortable for too long, I will be studying the possessives in the next unit, which makes me very nervous. I have found myself more than once to translate my sentence in French before typing the answer in English. This would probably be helpful while learning the possessives as French languages as many of its own! After I am done the “possessives” unit, I will move on to the next big activity block where I will learn about clothing, questions, conjunctions, verbs, colours, prepositions, date & time, family and measurements. This seems like a major block, but I am confident that after the following activity block, I will be able to grasp the basics of Italian and could probably get around if I ever traveled to Italy!
I hope that all of you readers have a great week! Buona sera!


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Learning Project!

Here we go.

This is me, telling you what I’ve chosen to do for my learning project, why I chose this particular subject and how I will be documenting it. In the course of my ECMP355 class, we are assigned to pick a certain skill, language or an instrument that is meaningful to us and to document our learning and findings through our blog. What I have chosen to do for this project is to learn italian.

Why italian? Because I believe it is a beautiful language, it sounds like music to my ears. I would qualify Italian as the language of love even though I know that some might say that French is the language of love. In addition, my dream is to one day visit Italy. I have seen pictures and let me tell you, this country is breathtaking! But then again, we all like different things and just the thought of all the delicious foods they make in this place makes me drool. I also have many friends who are from Italian families back where I am from and I have met a few people in my classes at the university that are also Italian. Because of my school history, I have also had a taste of learning the language. It is challenging in some ways to learn this new speech as I have experienced many challenges with it at college level, but it is also very close to French, which can be an advantage because my first language is French.

I plan on documenting my learning through videos and posts on my blog. I will do so using the Duolingo app/website I found while I was browsing the fabulous Google Apps. At first, I was going to have my roommate teach me how to work with Fraps, but since I have a Mac computer (they don’t do Fraps) I chose to find something that would work on my device. So I went and entered in the Google bar, Fraps for Mac and clicked on the second YouTube video I saw. resource

This young boy told me I did not need Fraps. I did not even need to download any new application! I could use an App that was already installed on my computer and with which I could record videos, audio, or screen videos with audio. Its name? QuickTime! I already have a Duolingo account so I will not need to create one and I have already begun to learn a while ago (a couple lessons), before I even knew what I would do for the project. I will try my best to put up a post every week that will document what I retained from the whole week’s lessons. Let me know what you think and leave me some feedback to let me know how I am doing and if you have any new suggestions! 🙂